briga-jig model #2011A

MODEL #2011a

Shingle Installation Tool

for use with wood or composite shingles

Download instructional text here.

For more comprehensive instructions on working with shakes and shingles, refer to the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau website.



Q: My jigs will sometimes slide on me – what can I do to prevent this?
A:  Different finishes and hardness of wood shingles will cause the anchor tooth to either slide down or sometimes be too tight to insert under your course of shingles.  If your Briga-jig is slipping, place the anchor leg of the jig tooth down on a soft block of wood and tap the backside of the tooth with a nailset. This will cause the tooth to protrude more, giving it a better bite. If your Briga-jig is too tight, place the anchor leg on a soft block of wood, tooth facing up. Tap the tooth with a hammer to decrease its size, making it easier to install.

Q: Why do my jigs zero out a little different from each other?
A: We have found that the metal may distort slightly as a result of the zinc coating process. In most cases, this does not affect the function of the tool—a slight adjustment bend will easily amend the problem. In most extreme cases, replacement may be necessary. Our research and development department has found a fix for this and therefore will not be an issue in the future.

Q: How long can my ledger board be?
A: The length of the ledger board may vary, according to what you are comfortable using, or what straight, lightweight board you may have on hand. The Briga-jig works great with a 7- to 8-foot board, but can also be used with boards up to 16 feet in length. Longer length boards will require a third Briga-jig, but keep in mind that a straight board in a longer length may be harder to find!

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